Packing Essentials: Greek Goddess Edition

  1. Gold Crown to complete the greek goddess look. (Can be purchased in Athens for 4 Euro) – Pink Palace Toga Party, here we come!
  1. Extra Euro for Gyros- the most delicious Greek street food for the best price! 2 Euro gyros? I’ll take ten… oh and extra tzatziki please!
  1. White flowing pants for Santorini Pictures… need we say more?

  1. Tennis shoes for running laps around the Panathenaic Stadium. Who is the real winner in your friend group?

  1. Of course, your person for everlasting memories.

  1. Sunblock for beach days in Santorini at the black sand beach. 
  1. Leggings / athletic clothes for your ATVing adventures in Corfu.

  1. And any iPhone plus (or pro camera) for portrait mode pics at the world famous Santorini sunsets. 

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