Overheard in Italy

By Ali Evers

Working in a job that requires me to walk around the city for hours at a time means I get to overhear the countless conversations of people walking by, sitting at restaurants, hanging out in piazzas, shopping, bus rides, and even amongst the people I work with. My job this past month has been to record these conversations I overhear and pick out some noteworthy ones. May you enjoy these as much as I did.

“I think the Italians took the same approach for naming clubs that celebrities do with naming their children. They pick a word they like and even though it makes no sense they just go for it.”

-Outside of Blob night club


“We were just talking about how I have a thing for men with authority, like camp counselors.”

-Bus ride


“How do they always know that we are American??? I even wore a floppy hat to look European today.”

-Streets of Florence


1: “What’s your favorite food?”

2: “Pizza. It’s so attractive to me. It’s like a magnet. I can’t escape it”



1: “Prego!”

2: “Are we just randomly listing types of red sauces now? Ragu.”

1: “…that means you’re welcome”



1: “I always forget to buy souvenirs for people when I’m traveling”

2: “Well when you think of it, it’s like ‘hey I went to this really cool place and you didn’t get to go but hey, here’s this crappy souvenir.’ Seems unfair anyway”

-Souvenir shop in the Duomo


“Walking around all day with my backpack on counts as working out, right?”



1: “Is dairy gluten?”

2: “No, I don’t think so… but I read that Gorgonzola cheese is”



“Do you think those Americans know that the boxed wine here is meant for cooking?”

-Piazzale Michelangelo


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