Oktoberfest Tunes

By Tena Elman

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is arguably the happiest place on earth. Also considered to be the adult version of Disney World, this festival brings every culture, race and person together. Grown men are seen hugging, holding hands, laughing and crying. People leave their problems, issues, and worries at the door of each beer tent and use this time to unwind and celebrate!

With Oktoberfest comes a lot of tradition. The music in the tents is one of them. Even though Oktoberfest is Europe’s biggest party- this ain’t sensation white. You’re not losing your face to crazy house music. You are standing on tables Prosting! (cheers!) with beer drinkers all over the world. Traditional German, particularly Bavarian, songs are sang and by the end of the day you will think you’re a fluent German speaker- but that is just the beer talking. A lot of the songs are about Bavarian pride (Bavaria is the southern “state/region” of Germany)- where Munich is the capital, and Oktoberfest celebrates. Here are a few songs that will start you out on the right foot upon arrival.

German Lyrics to Ein Prosit
“Ein Prosit”

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit.


English Lyrics to Ein Prosit
“A Toast”

A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times
A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times.


At Oktoberfest, the song is often followed by a charge of:

“Schenkt ein, trinkt aus, schenkt ein, trinkt aus!”


(I poured you one, drink it up, I poured you one, drink it up!).

This next song is very popular as well. It reminds everyone of sun shine, happiness and the beauty of the day. This song is can be heard throughout the Hofbrau Tent as well as many others throughout the festival. There are hand movements included in this song, so find a foreigner who knows what they’re doing and practice with him!


Ich lieg gern im Gras
Und schau zum Himmel rauf Schauen die ganzen Wolken
Nicht lustig aus?
Und fliegt en Flieger vorbei
Dann wink ich zu ihm rauf
“Hallo Flieger!”
Und bist du auch noch dabei
Dann bin ich super drauf

Und ich flieg, flieg, flieg wie ein Flieger
Bin so stark, stark, stark wie ein Tiger
Und so groß, groß, groß wie ‘ne Giraffe
So hoch oh, oh, oh
Und ich spring, spring, spring immer wieder
Und ich schwimm, schwimm, schwimm zu dir über
Und ich nehm, nehm, nehm dich bei der Hand,
Weil ich dich mag
Und ich sag

Heut ist so ein schöner Tag
Heut ist so ein schöner Tag
Heut ist so ein schöner Tag

Do you understand? Well, me neither… so here it is in English!

I like lying in the grass
And looking up into the sky
Don’t all these clouds
Look funny?
And an aviator flies past
Then I wave up to him
“Hello aviator!“
And if you’re there, too
Then I have the time of my life

And I fly, fly, fly like an aviator
I’m so strong, strong, strong like a tiger
And so big, big, big like a giraffe
So tall, oh, oh, oh
And I jump, jump, jump again and again
And I swim, swim, swim over to you
And I take, take, take you by the hand,
’cause I like you
And I say

Today is such a beautiful day
Today is such a beautiful day
Today is such a beautiful day

As stated before, people from all over the world come here to celebrate, and they like to recognize their roots during the day. Each country has a certain chant they yell in between the songs. Since I’m living in Italy, and I love Italy, here is a chant you will hear from many.

“Bevo, bevo… bevo bevo bevo. Quando bevo sono felice anche puoi ho vomito.”

If you haven’t passed Italian 101… then you might need this English translation… Use at your own discretion.

“I drink, I drink… I drink, I drink, I drink. When I drink I am happy until I vomit.”

And since I’m originally from America, here is our chant:


Think you can remember it? We shall see.. Now I hope this has prepared you for your time in the beer tents at the world’s number one party! I wish everyone a great weekend and Prost!

Side note: ‘Country Roads’ and ‘Heyyyy Baby’ are a couple more songs that Americans may recognize… you’ll hear it a lot I promise :)

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