#nowyouknow Eastern Loop

Dip your toes into the amazing culture of Eastern Europe. Dig into deliciously hearty cuisine, visit cities said to be founded upon dragon caves and clink steins in a land with beer sold cheaper than water. If last part made you tear up a little, that’s okay. We’re here to lead the way.


1) Lather up. Budapest has over 100 thermal springs, giving way to a prominent bathing culture.
2) Budapest is home of the largest synagogue in Europe. The Dohany Street Synagogue can house approximately 3,000 people.
3) Touching the pen of the Anonymous Statue near Heroes’ Square is said to make you a better writer. Perhaps we have this statue to thank for the composition of “50 Shades” (that’s a joke, those books are just awful).
4) Krakow’s Old Town district contains about 6,000 historic sites and over 2 million works of art.
5) Krakow was founded and named after Krak, a mythical ruler who built the town above a cave home to a menacing dragon. Truth of this origin is up for debate.
6) Krakow was occupied by German forces and served as an administrative center from 1939 to 1945.
7) The Prague Castle sits upon the largest castle area in the world with over 18 acres of space.
8) Czechs drink more beer than any other country in the world.
9) The dragon is the primary symbol of Ljubljana and can be seen throughout.
10) Ljubljana is a city of students, with one tenth of the city’s population studying in faculties there.

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