#nowyouknow: Budapest

Cruise down the Danube River to see Budapest glisten like gold. This unique city is the only place where you can go exploring inside caves, have a drink in an old ruin, and relax in the largest spa complex in the world all in the same weekend. Experience the charm of this Eastern European gem.


  1. Budapest has more thermal springs than any other capital city (123 springs), producing more than 70 million liters of water every day. The most famous spa, Széchenyi Baths, has 15 indoor and outdoor pools and is the largest spa complex/medicinal bath in Europe.
  2. Budapest has the world’s largest thermal water cave system. It is the only capital that has natural caves in the middle of the city. “Caving” is a popular activity in Budapest.
  3. Sziget, meaning “island” in Hungarian, is the largest music and cultural festival in Europe. It’s held every August lasting about 7 days with over 1,000 performances.
  4. The Statue of Anonymus, the first medieval Hungarian chronicler, is located in City Park. Legend has it that if you touch this statue, you will become a better writer.
  5. The Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest is the largest synagogue in Europe, seating nearly 3,000 people.
  6. The Children’s Railway is used as a leisurely excursion through the scenic outskirts of Budapest. It is operated by children aged 10-14 under the supervision of adult railway attendants. This is used as an extracurricular activity for the children.
  7. Ruin pubs (literally, pubs in a ruin) are located in abandoned buildings in the city and are very popular nightlife spots. Szimpla Kert is the oldest and most famous ruin pub.
  8. Budapest has the oldest underground train system in mainland Europe and the second oldest in the world.
  9. The parliament and the basilica are built exactly the same height to show that neither are above each other.
  10. Hungarians have more Nobel prizes than any other country per capita.

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