Must Have Travel Apps: Rayka

Studying abroad? Searching for recommendations from other students who have walked in your shoes before? Right swipe, Rayka. Starting on May 1st you will have the world at your fingertips (literally) as Rayka launches its student only recommendation app.

Rayka is the Trip-Advisor for study abroad life. All of its ratings and recommendations are given only by local and study abroad students. Making its only suggestions relative to your generation of opinions and thought.

If you were to take the research you found looking into blogs, Facebook groups, and Google searches and combine them all into one app, you would have Rayka.

Is it only restaurant focused? No of course not, although it does have plenty of those as well, it also features things like: which bars are best on what nights in Barcelona. Where to find a yoga studio in Prague. What are the cheapest laundry mats in Brussels. Anything that someone once wondered while they were abroad, there will be a group or recommendations about how to find it.

And when all is said and done and you return home from your amazing semester abroad everyone will ask you what your favorite places were. Whether its for their upcoming  study abroad semester or just out of curiosity all you have to do is share them on your favorites through the app. This way all of your go-to spots will never be forgotten and you can share the wealth of experience with everyone traveling after you. Or better yet, be sure to go back to them the next time you’re there.


Many more amazing elements to the app are still waiting to be revealed. Stay tuned with us as we anxiously wait for its release! Download here.

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