Missing Europe? Try These 5 Recipes That Will Transport You Back

by Gabby Morris

If you’re like me, a huge part of traveling Europe is the masterful cuisine that comes along with it — tt’s one of the main reasons I’m missing Europe right now.  From the cobblestone roads in little Italian towns with small wooden tables outside a trattoria to the white linen tablecloths of Parisian fine dining, everywhere you turn is a new culinary experience.

With our current European travel plans being put on hold, instead, you can escape to Europe in your very own kitchen. Pour yourself your favorite drink, turn on some music, and indulge with these 5 recipes that will transport you back to Europe.

5 Recipes That Will Transport You Back When You’re Missing Europe

1. Italy- Pasta alla Carbonara

Aperitivos and roaming the streets of Roma may not be currently possible, but pour yourself a glass of your favorite Italian red wine and make this delicious recipe instead. Perfectly al dente pasta is studded with pancetta and coated in a silky smooth mixture of egg yolk, pecorino, parmesan, and toasted peppercorn for a balanced, savory taste. This dish is found on nearly every menu throughout Italy, so it’s almost like you’re there. Almost. 

Although this recipe uses rigatoni, carbonara is also oftentimes with spaghetti. Make it with either shape or with whatever you have on hand. 

carbonara missing Europe

2. Greece- Greek Salad

If you’re in need of a chilled, fresh dish to remind you of summertime island-hopping through Greece, look no further. You’ve got to try making this simple Greek Salad, which (spoiler alert) doesn’t use any lettuce!

Since its conception in the 19th century due to the cultivation of tomatoes, this common dish can be found across Greece and is well-loved by tourists and natives alike. This recipe is bursting with salty Greek flavors like feta cheese, pitted olives, and red onion. 

Easy, healthy, and delicious? You can’t go wrong!

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3. Hungary- Goulash 

Wishing you were at the insta-worthy bathhouses of Budapest? Transport your taste buds with this traditional Hungarian goulash recipe in the meantime.

Paprika, Hungary’s national spice, plays the biggest role in the dish, lending its rich red pepper flavor. Also known as gulyás, this simple, hearty soup consists of bite-sized beef chunks, carrots, potatoes and can be served with pasta if desired. The warm, comforting feel of this recipe and the signature flavors of Hungary are sure to satisfy you.  

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4. Spain- Paella

Spain is synonymous with vibrant colors and flavors, and this recipe meets the mark. Paella is arguably one of the most famous Spanish dishes, has a rich history, and is adored worldwide. Originating in Valencia, this rice dish was created by farmworkers with ingredients around the countryside and included duck or rabbit. Paella has since evolved and is most commonly made with chicken and a bounty of shellfish such as mussels, clams, and shrimp. 

While this recipe calls for a variety of different produce and protein, feel free to adjust to your preferences.

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5. France- Chaussons aux Pommes 

If you have a sweet tooth and are missing the mouth-watering pastries of France, this is the recipe for you. You can’t go to a Parisian Boulangerie without seeing these beautiful apple turnovers nestled among the croissants and brioche in the display case. 

A homemade filling comprised of tender apples and a bit of sugar is encased in premade puff pastry, folded into the traditional triangle shape, and baked until golden. This sophisticated, not-too-sweet pastry paired with espresso will instantly transport you back to the City of Lights. 

european recipes