Lost: Not a love story

by: Kelley Robinson

It’s true, our adorable friend was out in Munich by herself. In the rain. No phone, no map. Completely lost.

And instead of enjoying the night with friends, there I was, also a bit lost and looking for her. Not in the charming “oh, I’ll explore the city” kind of lost. It was more the “I’m in the worst part of town, no I don’t want any cocaine, hell I would KILL for an umbrella” kind of lost.

I was with Bus2alps at Oktoberfest, so I had a plan, was shown by my guide how to get home at night and had their phone number to contact them if I ran into trouble. Sam, the lost girl, on the other hand thought she could do the weekend on her own.

Getting lost in a city you’ve never been to before is no fun. Even with friends, trying to figure out how to get around or the best places to go can be a stress – eating up precious time and causing tension among the best of pals.

She had spent the last few hours on the Munich subway system, riding stop to stop hoping someone she recognized would jump on the train. It was a miracle a Bus2alps guide eventually found her on accident – helping even though she didn’t come with us.

I found my way back to our campsite but the resentment of being the only one concerned about our friend ruined the night.

Luckily our friend saw the light after her midnight in Munich experience, and only booked Bus2alps trips after that. And she was never lost again.

Traveling with friends who know the cities well is an unspoken added value to your trip – why waste your own time when what you are searching for is only a question away?

Hitting the big cities like Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris in a Northern Loop Spring Break is the best way to see Europe. The Eastern Loop’s Budapest, Krakow, Prague and Munich are so much easier with Bus2alps. You can even bus or fly in to most of these cities with Bus2alps.

Leave the complicated details to us. Travel in style and never lose your way.

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