Life is Either a Great Adventure or Nothing

By Meghan Milazzo

Do you want to live under a rock? Nope. Well that’s what not traveling is like. I could never imagine not exploring the beautiful world we live in. Some people get caught up in the busy lifestyle of work, work, work. Seeing that made me realize THAT could NOT be me.

I started traveling with my family ever since I was little to places like Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and all over the US for soccer. All those trips inspired me to want to travel more.

My first time to Europe was my senior year of high school for two weeks.  The thrill of backpacking Europe all started then. There was no turning back I was bit by the travel bug wanting to immerse myself in everything possible. I left the States on my own and studied abroad in Florence spring 2011. I traveled all over Europe learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and became enlightened.  Now I live in Europe. Traveling doesn’t need to stop after just one semester. That’s why I encourage people to continue traveling. If you never had the chance to study abroad or loved it some much you need to go back then take advantage of the summer break tripswith bus2alps.

Travel to me means…

T– take chances do something you have never done before.

R– risk giving up the time to be selfish and have no regrets.

Aadventure…create that adventure you always dreamed of. Do the crazy thing. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Do it now!

Vvalue what’s important in life, learn new cultures and be grateful for the experience (some places don’t have wifi its awesome 😉 )

Eexplore. Don’t have a plan. Get lost. (it brings great stories and friends along the way)

Llaugh. laugh more. love and live in the moment.

“Life’s a journey, not a destination” So do the canyon jump/ skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland…Cliff jump and Cave swim in Amalfi Coast…Ride a camel in Morocco…drank gunniess in Ireland… eat the best pizza in Italy..and never stop traveling.

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