Leave your safari hat at home

by Kelsey Flanigan

“You won’t look like this lost tourist with Bus2Alps” read the sign, as I walked through the Rutger’s Involvement Fair.


My outfit for the “lost tourist,” safari hat and all, was a visual representation of what will never happen with Bus2Alps. With us you will never be staring at maps (and missing the scenery) or frantically asking friends where to find the cheapest hostel in Prague! We have already thought out these details so you can enjoy every second of your journey abroad.

Bus2Alps has scoured Europe for that food you can’t miss out on with the deal you can’t pass up. Your nights will be spent dancing with friends, not attempting to plan your next day (that’s already done!) Sprint and sweat to catch the train? Or walk along with your cool, calm and collected tour guide to your comfy bus? Pretty easy decision! So remember, check your worries at the door and come along with Bus2Alps! Where you’ll never be the lost tourist.

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