It’s Time For AFRICA!

By Becca Pilolla

IMG_3605While you’re in Europe hopping along all these wonderful countries, it only makes sense to hop across to another continent right? As crazy as it seems, Africa is just a quick flight away. Morocco was calling my name for a 10 day get away!

I spent the first 4 days in Marrakech. Enjoyed the souks, bargained a lot. Got some great jewelry, mint tea, and Aargon oil! Gotta love that stuff! And even ate some great interesting food. However as the 10 days went on, that food got real old, real quick! Hiked up the Ourika valley, rode some camels, and had tea with a Berber family, and learned a little more about the Moroccan history.

After all the fun and craziness of Marrakech was had, me as well as a few others took it up with the Sahara. Bucket list check off! We roughed it for a few nights. Sand boarded the dunes, rode some more camels, and ate some more interesting food.

Of course the kicker was when we woke up at 6:45 in the morning to head out to our next big adventure in Morocco, Tagezout, to find that the Sahara was FLOODED! We packed up our 4×4’s, and started to drive through the dunes. But our vehicles kept getting stuck in the sand. What should’ve taken us 2.5 hours to get out of, took us 14! We had to walk through a lake for 2 miles. Pants hiked up to our knees, and walking through the slippery slimy lake and sand. Was definitely one for the books. The biggest storm and most rain the Sahara has seen in generations.

After we were finally rescued from the Sahara, we made our way to Tagezout. A small surfer town. Great for some R&R! Instead of taking my talents to the surf, I found a nice big rock, laid my towel down and then my behind as well and tanned for several hours. Let me tell ya, getting outta the Sahara was stressful enough, I needed a little beach time!

Chilled out with a bunch of surfers at night on top of the hotel over looking the coastline with a nice big BBQ. A BBQ never sounded so good! Give me a piece of IMG_4071America, but also a break from Moroccan food!

Our final destination was Essaouira. My favorite! It’s a great little fisherman’s village with lots of great shopping, and pretty views. Lots of different type of food there to eat, and just an all around fun walk in the sun type of place! Unfortunately this was our last place we ventured to, and were only here for one night. So we packed up our things and headed back to the big city and then catching a flight back to Italia!

As much fun as this trip was, and as many amazing people as I have met, I happy to be back on Italy grounds. The food in Morocco was interesting, but the experiences and “Bucket list check offs” were well worth it! For those who are very adventurous, and into experiencing brand new and different cultures, I highly recommend heading to this part of Africa, Morocco!

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