Interlaken, the best weekend of my life

This is an entry for our Spring 2012 Why We Ride Blog Contest by Matt M.
Ok, my trip didn’t start too smoothly.  I was coming off a wild week at Prague and Barcelona.  I was planning on relaxing and having a catch up weekend with my older sister (shes a teacher in Madrid).  I slept through the 6:30 departure and had to catch a train to Florence.  Of course, my train got delayed and I had to run with Alex to not hold the trip up any longer…
So I got on the bus in Florence.  Right when I could check my email and catch my breath on the bus, I got my number one choice internship offer on the bus.  Needless to say I was psyched.  I caught up on sleep and awoke in Interlaken, Switzerland and/or Heaven.  My sister was there and we went skydiving first thing….  Best moment of my life.  I jumped with Dangerous Dave and we went out with the crew Saturday night.  They were the coolest dudes ever, and I have their contact info and told them I will be back for certain.  The main dude told me if I continue to send my friends and do come back, it will be a “Free jump” and he would let me do the crazy stuff in the air I was asking to do but for liability reasons  couldn’t.
So after jumping out of an airplane for breakfast, my sister Alexa and I caught up on life at the bagel place across from Balmer’s.  Turns out the owner is from New York.  Being that my sister and I essentially grew up in NYC, it was great.  The night was a typical #romaraging does Switzerland kind of night.
Saturay we tried waking up early to hit the mountain.  We got kind of a late start but got a great day in.  Alexa and I have gone to Omemo Mountain in Vermont every single week after Christmas of our life.  I don’t know if I could justify continuing that tradition after hitting the Alps.
Amazing. Unreal. Spectacular. Thank You.

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