Interlaken is Bliss

Seeing as it is winter, and all is cool in Interlaken, let’s catch up with one of Bus2alps’ snowboarding aficionados and his take on his first experience with boarding in Interlaken. Let’s take it to Austin….

This was the “word(s) of the day” on Saturday during the epic shredding session of which you can get a taste from the photos below.  A friend of mine was testing out a new board- “The Carbonium Raptor” by Never Summer, and not only does it look like a machine of stealth owl floaty goodness, but also its name is fun to say (the marketing guys at Never Summer are good at their jobs)*.  Go ahead, say it out loud.  Sure you can make fun of it for being the bane of the Na’vi people’s existence, or for being the material which inhabits Wolverine’s bone cavities, but you can’t deny that it’s fun to say out loud.  I mean, this thing is the Nimbus Two Thousand of snowboards (had to throw one at the Harry Potter fans).

[You’ll have to forgive my boarding-bro vernacular, I’m currently stuck between exaggerating it for ridicule, and genuinely using it as part of my vocabulary.]

So me and my rental equipment followed the Carbonium Raptor, and the wisdom of its master throughout the Interlaken Ski region, aka the best skiing in the world.  If you plan on having a massive ski/snowboard day I suggest keeping your lift pass and registering on the website, because you can then access an interactive play by play of what lifts you went up on the mountain.

* “stealth owl floaty goodness” is a term coined by Joey (in the G.I. Joe gear) to describe the sensation of cruising over fresh powder and hearing nothing but a barely audible, yet pleasant whirr.

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