If I Could Do It All Over Again…

By Becca Pilolla

420-1638If I could do it all over again I would’ve planned out all of my trips within my first few weeks, or even month abroad at most. I would’ve taken advantage of the fact that I was in Europe. As well as reap the benefits of the 11€ flights to different cities in very different countries all over this beautiful continent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m never one to regret anything or even dwell on what I should regret, but I feel like my time abroad would’ve been more productive let’s say if I had been more like my type A personality self and plan a little, I may have seen a little more while I was a student abroad.

For starters, there was no reason for me to spend my fall break on a train traveling through the Northern part of Italy, when all the places I wanted to see were great day trips; Venice, Milan, Verona, and then heading down the south of France. I would’ve planned to have done a big trip like the northern or eastern loop, a trip to Morocco, or even break it up to places like Ireland, London, Paris, Amsterdam. I also, would’ve maybe gone to the south of France when it was warmer and more beach-y weather.  Spending my 10 days of vacation a little more wisely and seeing all I could in 10 days, collecting different countries stamps would’ve been more thrilling and exciting if you ask me.

I also would’ve been more adventurous with my weekends. Planned to go away somewhere new and different in Europe 2 of the weekends each month. Instead, I had my whole mind wrapped around the thought of never being in Florence, and really experiencing Italy, the country I chose to study abroad in.

Hoping on an 11€ flight to Paris for the weekend (especially when my weekends were 4 day weekends) should not have been a difficult decision. Enjoying that I had this one great opportunity to travel and see the world was definitely one to grasp on to and cherish and even abuse a little.

All in all, no matter what you do with your time here, how you plan to spend it, where you plan to go, and whatever it is you decide to do, you will always remember it, you will never regret anything. You just may rethink a few things several years down the line! 😉

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