Guide me! From Fantastic Guide to Fun Friend.

by: Kelley Robinson

There I was, on the Florence 2 Amalfi Coast trip with Bus2alps – my first weekend trip when studying abroad surrounded by new friends power boating to coastal sites. My life felt like a dream. And there were these really cool Bus2alps guides, not that much older than me and always knowing what they were doing, traveling every weekend and meeting exciting new people.

And somewhere between the cliff jumping and the limoncello tasting, it hit me. “Crap, I’m coming back to Europe and working for Bus2alps.”

Luckily since my study abroad days I was lucky enough to live that dream and come back to share in what were my happiest memories with new friends. But even then when studying abroad I realized the value of having a guide.

I traveled many cities on my own, but as my semester came to a close I found myself booking more and more with Bus2alps instead. Why? Yes, not having to figure out the hassle of my travel logistics were super convenient, I loved going on each trip with Bus2alps guides. Any question I had (and if you know me, my journalism instincts lead to lots of questions) were quickly answered or solved, and these young people each had a passion for each city they showed me.

As a student, I felt taken care of on my trips but I wasn’t just being guided, I was traveling with friends. Being on the other side of student travel now, it’s the same way. I’m not just guiding students, but also traveling with friends.

Spring break is the perfect chance to join us for multiple cities, countless laughs, and an entourage of new friends. Who knows, if we’re lucky, you might want to even make our friendship Facebook official by the end.

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