Get em while they’re hot

Woooo Spring Break 012!!! Most of you have just returned from Spring Break or will be returning to us shortly. Now that the margarita high is wearing down and those photos of Puerta Vallerta, Punta Cana, The Bahamas, or a relaxing week at home are being posted online, its time daydream about the incredible places you’re going this summer.

Spring is here. The temperature has changed and life is wonderful. You may have looked out your window and noticed quite a few people heading for the green parts of campus, catching some rays, maybe even starting a slip n slide in front of the library. Hell, you probably were doing this. Now is the happiest time of the year. You’re coming off the high of an incredible Spring Break and are buzzing with this excitement to keep the fun going. The desire for one more epic trip after graduation orbefore an internship is there.

Fast forward to the summer of our life on one of our 2 week Summer Break trips to Europe. We started these trips with go getters like yourself in mind. The ones who come back from Spring Break and can only think about what epic trip they are going on this summer. While you are basking in the college sun, think about how beautiful Greece is in May, how wonderful swimming in the Mediterranean will be, and how mind-blowing Amsterdam is when all of the tulips are in bloom.

These trips are starting to fill. Get your friends and get a move on while you still have the opportunity to do something amazing. Especially for those graduating, this is the time for you to make an incredible memory to happily daydream about when you are filling out TPS reports in a cubicle 6 months or 5 years from now. Save you sanity, and  book the best graduation mama can buy.

Mediterranean Island Hopping – 15 days in the Greek Isles and Italian Coast
Best of Wester Europe – 15 days of Europe’s hottest cities

Embark on the summer of your life.

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