Fly, Fly, Fly Away

By Becca Pilolla

Although Bus2alps deals mainly with buses, hence the title, every once in a while, you just need to hop on that plane.  To go to the places that we might not take you, IMG_0385 or that small town your family is from, or maybe even to fly into one of our great trips.  Either way, you will want to know the basics and best ways to ensure you get the right flight for the cheapest you could find!

Let’s be frank for a second though, this is Europe, flying and booking trips are nowhere near similar to doing it in the US.  Flights can be very cheap, and can be booked hours before you need to take them at a cheap price too.  They’re not that long either.  And there are multiple airports that get you to where you’re going.  Not like in the US, where one small airport takes you to a big airport to take you to the next big city where you’re trying to go.
There are also shuttles that can take you to the airports you’re trying to get to.  These include, but are not limited to, Terravsion and Ryanair shuttles.  Both can pick you up in a well known area (such as Termini, or Santa Maria Nouvella train station) and take you to the airport you need to get to.
Yes, the main cities like Barcelona, Florence, and Rome all have main airports, but don’t forget about the people who live outside of those cities.  They too need to fly, and it’s not like home where you have to go to Chicago to fly out of ORD to get to your destination.  There’s other airports in Madrid, Alicante, Rome has another airport called Ciampino, Pisa, and Milan can be good airports to use, the list can continue.  Make sure when you’re booking your flight to Ireland to meet up with us on our trip to look at all of your options.
Furthermore, there’s a lot of different airlines out there.  A lot of people talk about ryanair, which is a good one to use.  I enjoy looking at websites such as Cheapticketsskyscanner, or momondo, and even kayak every once in a while.
So the next time you’re planning your flight trip make sure to look at the big picture and keep all your options open.  There are trains, buses, shuttles, taxis that can get you to that airport if it happens to be one outside of your cities limits.  Just keep an open mind and remember to enjoy the gift of traveling Europe!

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