È facile! Making Italian Simple

Widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful languages, there’s no denying that Italian is pleasing to the ear. Speaking it? Doesn’t always feel as smooth.

If you’re studying in Italy, or just love the language (who can blame you, it’s the language with the most descriptive words for food in the world), you’re probably eager to learn how to communicate in this melodious tongue.

Italians are a people with a deep sense of home and culture, and their language is a vital part of this. Whether you are currently in Italy or just dreaming of going someday, there’s no doubt you’ll want to understand and communicate with the residents there without stumbling over your words too much.

But beautiful as it is, it doesn’t always seem to quite…make sense. Where is the rhyme or reason behind where the pronouns go?! This is where Why Italian Is Easy comes in.

This guide will offer you hacks for how to discover words you didn’t even know you already knew in Italian, tips for gaining confidence in this expressive language, and even how to roll your R to sound like a native. So, what are you waiting for? Start speaking la bella lingua today. 

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