Don’t Miss Out!




Although it may feel like you’re traveling every weekend, when that fateful day comes, the day of your return flight to the states, you will wish you had more time. Trust me.

I visited more countries than I could count on my hands and it still felt like not enough. There’s always a couple destinations left on the list glaring at you, opposite a calendar with, quite simply, no more days.  With the weather getting nicer, those seasonal locations become more available. Every country is more enjoyable when the sun is shining.  My advice: travel every single weekend you have left in Europe.

Save your own city for the weekdays. You can enjoy the sun, explore, and party it up Sunday through Wednesday, but come Thursday, if the funds allow, get on a bus, train, or airplane.  Even if the funds don’t allow, beg your parents for money and pay them back this summer.  It’s worth it.  Fun fact: almost every study abroad student goes home broke or in debt with their parents or both.  This is your one time in Europe for who knows how long. Sure, you may come back soon, but why take the risk?

When you’re back on your college campuses experiencing culture shock, talking maybe just a little too much about “that time I lived in Italy” you will want to have as many stories to tell and experiences to share as possible.  Whether it is a day trip around Italy (I recommend Cinque Terre) or a weekend trip to somewhere warm, if there’s even a fleeting moment of wanting to go, book it.  You’ll appreciate the decision later.

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