Four Ways To Get Busy Living In Interlaken This Summer With Outdoor Interlaken

In partnership with Outdoor Interlaken as part of the #GetBusyLiving series & contest.

Italian 101 not thrilling enough for you?  Homework not giving you the adrenaline rush you came abroad for?  Sounds like it’s time to drop the books, skip the city and have yourself a weekend in one of Europe’s premier destinations: Interlaken. Set right in the heart of the Swiss Alps, this sprawling playground is home to some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet, whose pastimes include jumping off mountains, jumping off cliffs and really anything else that would scare a normal person out of their minds. If you’re looking for the most exciting ways to spend your weekend, then look no further and take four pro-tips from a fellow daredevil:

Canyon Swing

If thrills are what you’re after, then you really can’t afford to miss the canyon swing. You’re looking down 300 feet to the bottom of a gorge with nothing but your rope, harness and one little step between you and the bottom.  You aren’t actually about to jump, are you?  Of course you are – it’s what you came here for!  Just take a deep breath, embrace your inner Tarzan and jump…and close your eyes if it helps.

Bungy Stockhorn 

I hope you aren’t afraid of heights, or you might miss out on this incredible experience!  Take the gondola up 400 feet high into the mountains, and enjoy a view that alone is worth the cost of the ticket.  Then, secure your harness and sneak one last look down before taking the plunge right over the pristine Lake Stocksee.  Just remember there’ll be cameras, so make sure to practice your happy, freefalling smile beforehand!

Seilpark Ropes Course 

For those of you who aren’t in love with the feeling of your stomach doing somersaults, challenge yourself physically on Interlaken’s incredible ropes course. With over 120 different challenges and nine different levels of difficulty, the ropes course provides endless fun challenges for everyone. Arms starting to give out already? Try out one of the eagle courses…or if not, there’s always the butterfly ones (but if I were you, I wouldn’t boast that too loudly).

Canyoning Grimsel

Debatably saving the best for last here. This incredible trek through some of the many gorges, waterfalls and crevasses in the alps is a must do for all you adventure lovers out there. If a little cold water isn’t enough to stop you, then bring your swimsuit, towel, A-game and the squad for an experience you’ll never forget. Really, you won’t forget it, because for just a few more francs, you can get all the amazing footage of you and your friends compiled into your own personal travel video!