Day Trips From Everywhere!

By Becca Pilolla

313676_10150395411487158_502347157_8408173_1405782466_nYou come abroad knowing that you’re going to travel.  You’re going to see the world.  You’ve decided to study in Italy or Spain, and you want to see those countries.  You want to be able to say that you not only studied in that area, but you’ve also traveled and understand the area.

So for those that study in Rome or Florence, you want to see the surrounding areas, Venice, Cinque Terre, Naples, Siena and San Gimignano.  Those of you in Barcelona enjoy going to some places like Terragona, Sitges, Montserrat and Costa Brava, and Girona.

It’s a wonderful idea to see these places.  You can experience a culture outside of your city while still enriching yourself in the main culture you’ve chosen.  Whether it’s wine tasting or beach time, it’s certainly great to capture the most of this new world you’re devouring.

The best part of places like these, and trips like these, is that they can all be done in a day.  There’s no reason to spend money on a place to stay in any one of these cities.  I’ve done it.  Spent a night in Venice, when all I needed was the day, spending more money that was ever IMG_2082necessary.  Knowing that I can hit all these places and see all that I need to see in a day is perfect.

So maybe you’ve been traveling too many weekends in a row (Scary how that becomes our issue when we study abroad, ‘Oh darn, I need a week off of traveling Europe!’), or maybe just needed a little more time with your new home base.  Whatever the reason, it’s never a bad idea to take a few hours of the day and go explore a new neighborhood.  Wake up, hop on a bus, and head to a breathtaking new region.  Followed by lots of fun, new and old friends, and then enjoy getting home in time for some local fun in Florence, Rome, or Barcelona.

An adventure just for the day is always a perfect dose.  Get up and out of the apartment, and be able to indulge in something different, and make it back in time to sleep in your own bed!

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