Day Tripping from Florence

by Grace Graham

Florence, as the birthplace of the Renaissance and a cultural and social hub of epic proportions, attracts tourists, travelers, students, and the like throughout the entire year. Never is there a time when the streets are not singing with the songs of countless languages all taking in the splendor that resides within the Tuscan capital. While abundant in amusement itself, Florence also serves as a prime location to use as a home base to take some amazing day trips. There are many places in Italy that are simply unacceptable to miss, however many travel itineraries or schedules don’t allow a great deal of time to see the countryside of smaller albeit magnificent towns that are a little “out of the way.” Florence is perfectly located for trips all over Tuscany as well as for other popular destinations in Italy in other regions. The options are as countless as they are magnificent and can be tailored to fit every variety of tastes and appetite for adventure. Whether interested in hiking or sampling the region’s best wine, the opportunities are endless.

Cinque Terre may not be commonly regarded as a day trip, but it could not be a better option. Forgoing the cost of the accommodation changes this hotspot from a tourist trap into a dream realized. This trip can certainly be done solo, but it won’t be easy or cost effective. The student travel company Bus2alps offers a daytrip that includes roundtrip transportation, park entrance, and a trip leader. A group tour such as this will save money and time while giving plenty of time to hike to each of the 5 breathtaking fishing villages nestled in along the coast. If hiking isn’t your forte, there are trains connecting every town and some of the trails, namely the trail between the first and second town. As summer rolls in, it is the perfect time to go as the towns each feature exquisite beaches and views that will leave you arguing with yourself and your friends over which one was truly the best.

Daytrips to the gorgeous medieval town of Siena are a very popular and fulfilling choice as well. Finding the opportunity to spend time in the famous Piazza del Campo, where Il Palio, the famous medieval horseracing competition, takes place every July. Also not to be missed when visiting sunny Siena is the duomo of Siena as well as the bell tower. Taking the time to wander around the shops and hidden streets of this picturesque Tuscan village is half of the fun as well and is a worthwhile and lovely addition to any sojourn through Italy. Bus2alps offers two daytrips from Florence to Siena, one including a stop in San Gimignano, which is a walled, medieval village famous for its 14 towers overlooking the whole Tuscan village. Both trips are fantastic options depending on how you want to spend your time exploring Tuscany.

If you are looking for a more relaxing and savory day trip, that same travel company can take you for a memorable Taste of Tuscany, putting you face to face with some of the most exquisite wines in the world that are being produced right in Tuscany. The daytrip is comprised of a wine cellar tour in Montepulciano, where red wines are fashioned from the Sangiovese grape, and a wine tasting and vineyard tour in Montalcino. It is places like Montepulciano and Montalcino that make Italy and Tuscany the amazing and unique places that they are. You certainly shouldn’t miss out on the gorgeous countryside when there are daytrips out of Florence offering the opportunity for a fun and exciting peak at the happenings outside the confines of Florence.

Daytrips from Florence to the well-known and obviously breathtaking city of Venice are also possible from Florence, giving travelers a necessary chance to take photographs of the winding canals and gondolas. Many people don’t realize is that Venice is a small town and can be seen and experienced in a short amount of time. It is expensive and quiet in many ways. A day trip offers the perfect amount of time to explore all that the city has to offer without breaking the bank or changing the course of an entire travel itinerary. Bus2alps offers daytrips to Venice during the famous festival of Carnevale and is an amazing excuse to partake in one of the biggest parties in Italy.

Daytrips are an excellent way to make any trip better, and the options from Florence simply cannot be beat. Don’t waste precious time abroad by not seeing everything this amazing country has to offer. Bus2alps is a great option for students and travelers alike, including roundtrip transportation, a Bus2alps trip leader, and some entry fees. Get traveling and let the wonders of a new place transform you!

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