Why Interlaken Sets The Scene For The Ultimate Bungy Jump

In partnership with Outdoor Interlaken as part of the #GetBusyLiving series & contest.

Try telling me that views back home match the stunningly picturesque landscape of Switzerland; I’ll have to stop you right there, because there’s just no way any other views compare to the pristine Swiss countryside from over 400 feet above it.  The majestic hills covered in lush trees, the powerful mountain ranges capped with soft, white snow, and the perfectly blue Lake Stocksee will all give you a sensory overload like you’d need to experience to believe.

But why sit in your gondola and observe this beauty from afar through a glass window when you can dive head-on into this real-life Monet painting? Making it happen is as easy as strapping on your bungy cord.

What’s perfect about a bungy jump is you truly get the best of both worlds.  The excitement from walking up to the window and taking that bold leap combined with the intense speed of the initial fall are a dream come true for any thrill seeker.  And yet, unlike the equally exhilarating canyon swing, which continues to accelerate you after your jump, you actually decelerate as you fall closer to the lake, allowing you to take a few moments more to take in the astounding alpine landscape.

There’s really nothing like experiencing nature than with an excursion in Interlaken – and the thrilling bungy jump may very well take the cake.  But don’t stop there – you’re just getting started! If bungy jumping got you feeling brave, how about going on a canyon swing or going skydiving?  Enough adrenaline for one day? Go out for a nice mountain hike or a relaxing outing on Lake Como. The world is your oyster, and Interlaken is one of the best places to do it all!