Thanksgiving is next week and then shortly after that comes the holiday season, which means everyone has gift giving on the mind.  The older we get the harder it seems to find the right gift that really says, “I care about you.”  It’s all about the latest version of the Kindle or the iPad or some sort of technology that, while it is cool and useful,  isn’t very personal.  Why not give the gift of travel and experience?

For those of you that have traveled, are currently travelling or plan to travel soon, you can appreciate that the latest technology or the coolest fad passes.  The memories and experiences you come across throughout your travels, however, is something that you have to cherish for the rest of your life.

With that being said, a great gift to give to your friends that are about to embark on a semester abroad or to add onto your own Christmas or Hanukkah list this year is a gift certificate that will help save money on travel.

You can choose which gift certificate best suits you from the Shop on the Bus2alps website.  They are available for the value of €50, €100, €200, €500 and €1000 and are valid towards any of our trips.  You are able to purchase the gift certificates at a 5% discount.  For example, a €100 gift certificate can be bought at €95.  It gets better, though!  When you then use the vouchers to book a trip, you can still benefit from gift codes for an additional 5%.

This year, show your friends and family members that you care by giving them the gift of travel and experience.

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