Bus2alps Why We Ride Blog Finalists

Now that the fall semester has some huge trips under its belt and everyone has finished up table dancing at Oktoberfest, cliff jumping at the Amalfi Coast, rolling the dice in the French Riviera, and getting physical hiking the Cinque Terre, it is time to name the top author to this point. To this point, Bus2alps has had some great writers chronicle just why the ride with Bus2alps. Now it is time to hand out the awards, or shall we say time for you to hand out the award for the most creative and gripping story.

Below is the link for each entry so you can review them. Place your well-thought out or impulsive votes in the shiny white box below!

The top blog will be determined based on how cool their blog is and by a panel of Bus2alps’ literary experts.

Katherine Moran – “Blondes, Braids, and Bus2alps”

Curtis Chude – “Oktoberfest”

Beatrice in Italia – “Navy waters, Rocky Cliffs, Clear Skies, Sailboats….Amalfi Coast”

Justin Kuntz – “Beerfest”

Janine Narvaez – “Cinque Terre! An Italian Paradise….”


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