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Dear Simon, 

By now I am sure many of you have come in contact with a bus2alps promoter. With no obligations and immediate incentives who wouldn’t want to promote for us. Promoters can work from anywhere in the world as little or as often as they want. We make it easy for you to earn cash for selling our trips. Check out the details below and talk to you soon!

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How it Works…
What You Need to Do…
Why You Should Do It…

How it Works…
bus2alps students  

You can be a promoter from anywhere in the world and get paid. Check out the web site www.bus2alps.com. Get to know the trips we offer and the upcoming schedule. Promote our trips from your University, home, job wherever. Get familiar with the students who will be studying abroad in the coming semesters. Use your experience in Europe to let them know how to get the best deals and go to the best locations.

We have a unique booking system that allows people to book trips at up to half price when they book early. Additionally when booking multiple trips at a time other discounts are applied. This semester most of these seats sold out before the majority of people arrived in Europe.  With departures now from Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Prague, Paris and Rome the possibilities to earn money are endless.

What You Need to Do…

Promote as little or as much as you want. Set up a paypal account so we can pay you 5% commission on every trip sold on a monthly basis. Email [email protected] to set up your account. You will receive personal log in details and a POS code (promoter code). When students use your code to book they will get 5% off and you will get 5% of their total price paid. That’s all. Earn real money for helping your friends, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, classmates or whoever, make the most of their time abroad.
If you have a blog or website you can put our bus2alps booking widget on it and earn commission by taking bookings for us over your site.  It couldn’t be easier! Check out our promoter page  http://bus2alps.com/agents

Why You Should Do It…
Just talk to any of our promoters and they will tell you why. This semester we have had some promoters averaging 1000€ a month. That’s not bad for hanging in bars and clubs and giving out your POS code.
Some promoters have earned free trips with us or free activities like Skydiving and Canyoning. Some of our good promoters have used us for job references or to spice up their resumes.
We know that college students can always use some extra cash and we make it easy for you.
Remember as little or as much as you want and direct payment through paypal. Promote for bus2alps and earn some easy spending money while your in school. 

Email.  [email protected] for details


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