Bus2alps has been nominated for the World’s Most Amazing Tour

We’ve shared some incredible experiences with all of our travel buddies who have been on a Bus2alps trip since 2003; jumped off cliffs in Amalfi, cruised the Mediterranean, scared the hell out of ourselves in Interlaken, and made our presence known on the Northern Loop.

The time has come for us to tell the world that we are the best travelers out there and that we went on the #1 tour worldwide. We are entering Tour Radar’s Most Amazing Tour Competition. This is our opportunity as Bus2alps travelers to prove that we travel the best, see the best, and do the best. For us to successfully stake our claim as #1, we will need the help of all of our travel companions.

To get started, we need to go to the Bus2alps Facebook Page and click on the Tour Reviews tab. Tour Radar will be monitoring all clicks, comments, and likes over the course of the next month to determine what tour and what travel company does it best. Pass this along to your friends who traveled with us while abroad.

Voting takes a few minutes. Bragging rights last forever.


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