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The second wild card from the first set of crazy trips in Europe for the fall semester comes from Justin Kuntz’s experience at Oktoberfest. The entry has been shortened, but you can find the entire post titled “Beerfest” from Justin Kuntz’s colorful blog here.

Prost! Prost! A german word meaning cheers, was pounded into my head this weekend, one filled with excitement, survival, singing, bratwurst, BMW, amazing sour krout, and BEER.  Oktoberfest is most definitely a holiday that is not to be missed.  This past weekend was spent in Munich, Germany for my first Oktoberfest.  We went through a great program called Bus2Alps that took care of everything the entire weekend.  We met up with our trip leader Mike from Bus2Alps and he gave us the low-down on the weekend, exciting us all even further.  After an eight hour bus ride through the alps at night, with no working tv’s if I may add (just my luck im two for two these days!) we finally arrived in beautiful Germany the next morning.  Having only seen Germany from the Autobahn on my last excursion through Europe, it was amazing to see the German countryside in depth on the way to the camp-site.  Once there, the Australian crew greeted us, oh how I have missed them.  Standing in line for our sleeping bags they handed us all ice cold, frothy cups of beer in typical Australian fashion, beginning a marathon of beer exploration that is Oktoberfest.

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