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Wild card number one from the first month of Bus2alps bloggers comes from Janine Narvaez’s “Cinque Terre! An Italian Paradise…. The post has been shortened, but you can find the full blog entry here.

At around 3 PM, we met back up with Stephanie and a bunch of other girls to begin our final hike to the fifth and final town.  I truly was thankful to be a part of Bus2Alps at this point because I definitely would not have known where to go at all to begin this last hike.  This hike was definitely a lot more steep, and it was pretty scary at times because we would be RIGHT next to the edge and the trail would be very narrow.  At times, it was difficult to enjoy the view when I was so concentrated on watching where I was stepping. However, being with a group of girls from Bus2Alps made the hike much more enjoyable, since we would just chat to make time pass as we hiked.  We had a great little group going and I was so happy to be able to meet some other students from the other side of the US.

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