A JCU Bucket List For Summer 2019

By Isis Hanna

As college students we have our whole life ahead of us, the world is our oyster! Every new experience will symbolize growth in our lives. So where do you start? Where do you belong in the world? I find myself asking this question all the time. The best way to answer this question is to go see what’s out there yourself. To help I made a list of “once in a lifetime” things I want to do before its too late. I’m a mere 22 years old but since I’m aware of how precious life can be I put together a mini mid-life bucket list, so here it is: 

1. Go Paragliding in the Swiss Alps.  Considered to be the most beautiful mountain range in the world. Spend one full day shredding the powder filled mountain. No hesitation allowed.

2. Learn How to Surf.  One of the more difficult sports to learn but I’m not scurred. Plus, wetsuits really accentuate my curves.

3. Shower Under a Waterfall.  Let the clean crisp water cascade down my body and get that clean out of the waterfall feel. I don’t care who’s looking.

4. Bungee Jump. The first step is to admit that you have a problem. I admit that I’m an adrenaline junkie. The second step, jump off a cliff.

5. Go Skydiving.  This confirms what I mentioned below. Adrenaline comes in all forms. They usually involve heights, harnesses and consent forms.

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6. Seeing the Blue Grotto. One of the seven wonders of Europe! 

7. Hiking along Italy’s Coast. I honestly like riding any animal and Camels look extra comfortable. Kind of like riding a Lion in Africa. Can’t wait until they set that up.

8. Finally getting a dream picture in Santorini.  Getting a picture in one of the most iconic places is the real deal. 

9. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Live out all of your Lizzie Mcguire dreams. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a Paolo. 😉

10. Tasting Wine Under the Tuscan Sun

Who knows what will happen after each of these experiences? Only time will tell. Use a student travel company like Bus2alps to ease the worry and hassles that you experience when planning an excursion. Plus it’s a great way to meet people to help cross out these items on your bucket list! 

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