Brussels Is One Of The Most Underrated Cities In Europe, Here’s Why:

By Kathleen Watz

When planning a trip to Europe everyone wants to hit the major cities such as Paris, Rome, and London but there are always those underrated cities that should make your list. One of the most underrated cities in Europe is the capital of Belgium, Brussels. There are 5 main reasons this city is underrated.

1. Manneken Pis

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This is one of the odd charms of Brussels. A small statue of a little boy peeing has risen to fame as a tourist attraction many do not want to miss. The translation of this is “little man pee” and can be a funny yet charming picture you can remember forever.

2. Waffles and Chocolate

Everyone is aware of Belgium chocolate and waffles. These two are reason enough to go to Brussels and enjoy the rich taste straight from the source.

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Not only do these taste amazing but the air throughout the city has a hint of sweet waffles and chocolate wafting through it. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you will want to experience these for yourself.  

3. Jeu de Balle Flea Market

This is a large outdoor market that is open all year round. It is the perfect place to see the antiques and unique items that you can’t find in any tourist shop.

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This would be a great place to find presents, a memento for yourself, or just to look around at all the interesting items they have to offer. It is definitely a place you will want to go at least once. 

4. Beer, Beer, and more Beer

Belgium is known for the many beers they produce for the world, so why not take advantage of that in Brussels.

There are many beer tasting tours that you can go on or if you don’t feel like that, head down to a pub and start drinking like the locals.

5. Mini Europe

Europe is a massive continent and unless you have endless time and money there is little chance you will be able to see it all. Brussels has a solution for you to see all the main tourist attractions in one location, mini Europe.

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It’s a great place to see miniature versions of all the attractions throughout the country and have a good laugh.

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