An interview with a Bus2alps superstar

Kelley Robinson: We’re here with Allie Perkins, who has taken multiple trips with us. Allie is a junior Marketing major at Clemson University in South Carolina, and studying at Lorenzo de Medici

Allie Perkins (left) and friends in Greece.

here in Florence this semester. She now has a lot of insight to share with others. Allie, what Bus2alps trips have you joined us on this semester?

Allie Perkins: I did Austria and Greece spring break with Bus2alps.

KR: And what place has been your favorite?

AP: I would say that my favorite destination was Santorini in Greece.

KR: Why is that your favorite destination? Any particular memory stand out?

AP: My favorite memory was watching the sunset in Santorini with Bus2alps. They make it easy and affordable and know

Allie Perkins (in red), Kelley Robinson (in brown) and friends in Salzburg, Austria.

what sights to see and where to go.

KR: That is so great to hear. Why else do you continue to choose Bus2alps when traveling in Europe?

AP: It allowed me to meet amazing new friends and have the best times in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s nice to just show up and then have someone take you to all the cool places. Bus2alps has enhanced my abroad experience because it has allowed me to see so many places that I would not have been able to on my own and has made traveling easy and fun.

KR: Thanks so much for sharing your Bus2alps experience I can’t wait to travel with you again soon!

AP: Of course! I’m a Bus2alps girl for life.

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