All My Single Ladies

By Jillian Giannelli

It’s that time of year again!  Love is in the air and we can no longer deny what’s coming our way.  Heart candies everywhere, teddy bears for days, greeting cards that deserve awards for their level of cheesiness.  There are couples making out by the fake David in Piazza Signoria and getting cozy in the back room of Pino’s.  The Italians won’t let up on their level of PDA and it’s really starting to sink in.  Yes people, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

As a single lady living in Europe, I feel that it’s important to embrace this holiday to its fullest potential.  Can’t get down about not having a special someone because A) that’s a waste of time, and B) just because you don’t have 1 someone, doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple.  I’m sure that any girl who has ever stepped foot in Italy, has noticed how easy it is to find a date in this country.  Sure, he may no be prince charming.  Hell, he might be promoting a restaurant in the street.  Maybe he’s trying to sell you a scarf in the San Lorenzo market.  But who cares, that’s like the norm here anyway, right?  So, here’s what I’m thinking.  Instead of blowing them off and rolling our eyes with our typical American ‘tude, let’s give them a shot.  After all, we’re the ones without dates for V-Day.

The dating rampage is one approach, but if you’re not feeling it, I totally hear you.  There are other options as well.  When I’m in America, I honestly love Valentine’s Day, boyfriend or no boyfriend.  It’s an excuse to eat candy for like a week straight, make everything pink, and draw little hearts in your notebook.  I mean, that’s like sooo fun.  Instead of being the typical single lady all like “OMG Valentine’s Day is soooo stupid,” give yourself an attitude adjustment because Valentine’s Day is awesome.  Grab all your single friends, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner at Acqua al 2 or La Giostra, and head out for a night on the town.  All the single fellas will be on the prowl as well.

If that’s not gonna cut it for you, give yourself the ultimate pick-me-up, pack up your little rollie bag and get out of town. The weekend of February 14th is huge for Bus2Alps because, ya know, we love Valentine’s Day just as much as the next kid.  Perhaps your real life fairy tale will come true in Prague, maybe you’ll be like “whatevs” and become a nun like Fauline Maria in Vienna & Salzburg, or just join us in Siena & San Gimignano and fall in love with our very own wine instructor, Pierluigi.  Get away for the weekend and enjoy everything that this Hallmark holiday has to offer!

Plus, we all know Beyonce killed it at the half time show it’s our job to show her some respect.  She may not be a single lady anymore but we still love her!  We got you, B.

I hope you all have a fabulous February 14th <3

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