Adventure Awaits: Amalfi Coast, Italy

By Brittanie Hawkes

Sure-as-hell this wasn’t the first time I had jumped off something high, and it certainly wasn’t the highest… but this time was different. This time the free fall took my breath away, left me gasping for air in that total bliss, couldn’t be happier, “how effing incredible?” kind of way. Maybe it was the crystal clear water below, maybe it was the fact we quite literally had to scale the cliff in order to jump, or maybe it was that I was finally reunited with my middle school best friend, acting like little kids again after 6 years apart. Whatever it was, it was ridiculously fun.

Looking for a summer hot spot? I’ve got it for you: the Amalfi Coast on the southern shore of Italy, where colorful houses are stacked up seaside cliffs and the sea is so clear you can see the bottom 20 feet down. Amalfi is neighbored by Positano, Sorrento and Capri—each a little beach town or small island, charming and exquisite in its own way. If you’re of college age, or at least look the part, you can take advantage of Bus2alps, a student led travel agency that shuttles kids abroad all over Europe.

For under $300, you’ll depart from Rome, Florence, or Ciampino, sit on a bus for a few hours and then spend 4 days gallivanting among the rich and famous on black sand beaches under the Mediterranean sun. What’s cool about Bus2alps is that while it’s a tour group with a schedule and itinerary, there’s a balance between bringing you to must-see places, advising the best food spots, and giving you enough time to do your own exploring. No museums, no never-ending walking tours, and little to no waiting for the rest of the group to catch up (except for departure times). You’ll find yourself:

Eating world famous margherita pizza:

 Taking a rowboat into the fluorescent cave water of the Blue Grotto:

Riding up to the highest point of Anacapri via single-seat chair lift:

 And wishing you never had to go home:

So if you’re looking for some fun in the sun, take the jump to this summertime oasis!

This blog originally appeared on Lemon Bubbly.

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