Adrenaline Junky’s Paradise

By Michelle LaPorte


Interlaken, Switzerland is a very popular winter destination because really who wouldn’t love to say they’ve skied or snowboarded in the Swiss Alps? Few people are fully aware of the incredibly exhilarating and adrenaline pumping activities Interlaken has to offer in the summer, but don’t worry, I’m about to drop some knowledge. Whether you’re a crazy adrenaline junkie who’s into jumping off cliffs or out of planes, or you’d just like to go on a casual stroll and take in some of the worlds most pristine and breathtaking views, Interlaken has got it all. Here is just a few of the most popular adventure activities this amazing destination has to offer.


Canyoning– Squeeeeeeze into that skin tight wet suit, toss on a dorky helmet and water shoes and waddle on up to the tall and narrow canyons of Interlaken. What is canyoning you ask? It’s a bit of everything. A bit of mountain climbing and repelling, a pinch of cliff jumping, some sliding, and a lot of freaking fun. It’s only a short 5 minute drive from Outdoor Interlaken’s base and then you are ready to repel into the quick moving waters and get up close and personal with nature. Check out this action packed video to get a better idea of how awesome canyoning is.




River Rafting– River raft in the class III-IV rapids of the Lütschine River for a real rush. The crazy trip starts just below the Eiger North Face and ends in the Interlaken valley and the Lake of Brienz.


Canyon Jumping– Just tell mom and dad you’ll be tying yourself to an 85 metre rope and jumping into a canyon in Switzerland- I’m sure they’ll be cool with it. But in all seriousness, canyon jumping is just another incredible (and safe) excursion Outdoor Interlaken has to offer. Remember to keep your eyes open as you jump, because you’ll experience some picturesque visuals as you jump, free fall, and then swing in this narrow canyon.


Skydiving– Enough said. We all have dreams of crossing skydiving off of our bucket lists, but very few of us self-proclaimed daredevils actually have the balls to do it.  What better place in the world is there to jump out of a plane than over the Swiss Alps? You’ll enjoy scenic views of Switzerland during your 15 minute accent, 45 seconds of terror and adrenaline as you free fall with one of Outdoor Interlaken’s experienced instructors, and finally a 7 minute canopy ride after your parachute is deployed to reflect and think, “holy crap I just jumped out of a plane” before you land on the group, kiss the grass and tell everyone you know that you’re a goddamn badass.




Those are just a handful of the unbelievable activites Interlaken has to offer in the summer. Make sure you check out the full list of adventures that await you this summer!

Bus2alps is a student travel agency that offers weekend trips to Interlaken.  For more information on our weekend trips, please click here.  To check out more details on ways to get that adrenaline pumping, click here.  See you in the Swiss Alps!

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