A Suitcase for Spring Break – Full of Poetry

By Lisa Harvey

Don’t forget your passport, the travel toothbrush, a new book. Make sure you have that new shirt you bought for nights out, camera charger, phone charger, iPod charger, debit card. Bikini for Greece, snow boots for Interlaken. Jeans. Sweaters. Tank tops for tan lines. Walking shoes for Prague.  Don’t forget your journal, your favorite pen. Sunblock. Roses for Auschwitz. Green shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, and maybe heels if the destination isn’t littered with cobblestones that you have such a love/hate relationship with. Contact lens case. Mini- towel. Sandals. Gloves. Adventure. Translation book. Change – in so many currencies. Labeled city maps, subway maps, restaurant maps – maps of maps of maps. Makeup remover. Winter jacket for night sledding, sarong for lying on the beach. Sunglasses. An appetite for aperitivo. Space in your bag for souvenirs. You must always have your debit card, credit card, student ID card. Sketch pad. Toothpaste. A snack for the ride. Sweatshirts. Pillow. A flashlight for hostel rooms. Translation of “I’m vegetarian, vegan, allergic”, into all languages that you’ll come across. Thank.You.Mom.And.Dad.For.Giving.Me.The.World.Signs. Confidence. Long skirts for Morocco. Open minds, hearts, and thoughts. Stamps for postcards. Smiles. Face moisturizer.  Headphones. Yoga pants. Mittens. Money for Monte Carlo, courage for cliff jumping. A strong stomach for Ozo, Grappa, Scotch. Camera, both in your mind and in your hand. Spring Break 2013. So much to prepare for, so little luggage room!

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