A Guide To The Most Delicous Food At Munich Springfest

By: Adam King

The beer will be flowing all day and night when you attend Springfest in Munich; but don’t forget that as good as the liquid goodness is there, the unbelievable food is just as good.  Here’s an inside look to the food you can’t miss while prosting with your friends.


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A trip to Springfest wouldn’t be complete without eating a pretzel the size of your head.  Beer wenches (yes that is their official name) will be around throughout the festival with baskets full of doughy goodness.  I don’t know if it is the beer that you consume beforehand or the recipe that they use to make them, but I guarantee you they will be the best pretzels you’ve ever had in your life.


Hot Dogs or Bratwurst

Hot dogs are sold all over Munich in general; from street vendors, to beer halls, and of course at the Springfest grounds itself.  It is a great cheap option for a large amount of food; choose from a foot-long, having a cheese-pretzel bun, or go with the classic; you can’t lose.IMG_0921


To list individually of all the sweets you can get at Springfest would take years of typing, but anything that your sweet tooth is craving can be found here.  From mini pancakes with Nutella, roasted peanuts, cotton candy, fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, candy, and so many more.  So get your inner 12 years old on and crush some sweets and then go ride some carnival rides.


Meat & Potatoes

I couldn’t think of a broader way to describe some of the delicious food that’s offered inside the tents of Springfest and I thought meat and potatoes were the only way to do it dutifully.  pork-knuckle-is-must

Try a delicious pork knuckle, schnitzel, and more with some scrumptious mashed potatoes on the side; a must-try. Or a classic like currywurst.


Topped with either fried onion or spinach, spaetzle is often compared to mac n’ cheese. Grated dough mixed in with cheese then baked to a perfect crisp.

You’ll be having dreams about this stuff.

These are just a few of the delicious foods that you gotta try in between riding the swings, taking pictures in your lederhosen & dirndls, and of course drinking delicious beer.  Stay hungry my friends.

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