A Fresh Coat of Pink

Winding through what could be perceived as the barren wasteland that is Corfu, Greece, the sense of anticipation really sets in. I think the drive from the port of Corfu has anticipation that is insurmountable by any other trip I have been on. The barren wasteland I describe is actually not so barren after all, but it brings me joy to say that I am trekking through a terrain that at first glance looks like it can barely sustain a livable environment, but on second glance is home to flourishing array of supple olive groves and fantastically green, starvingly tall and slender trees that let your know you truly are in the cradle of Western civilization. So in other words, Corfu is a extraordinary case study for what true beauty is. They say Corfu is the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. I dare to argue this point as I have trouble finding anything not beautiful about the backdrop that looks as though Spielberg green-screened Jurassic Park and placed in the backdrop of Agios Gordis. So here I am, winding my way down the cliff that slopes into the blue-green waters of Agios Gordis, paraglider at eye level drinking up the breath-taking views, and smack right in front, finally is this vivid Pink blob, portraying all that is stereotypical of Greece. The Pink Palace had a fresh coat of pink, and I was embarking on a fresh coat of a new season here. I was greeted by my Greek and ex-pats working at the Palace buddies on first step, with hugs, kisses, war-stories, all the works. The staff here has, and always will be incredible, one that I have trouble comparing to Balmers Herberge because they both sustain the two friendliest staffs of any hostel I have ever had the pleasure of slumping my body into a bed. If it were not for my job being as awesome as it is, I would be on the waiting list to throw Pink Palace Cabana Boy (really just I clean up after you and get drunk with you) as my most recent job on my resume. However, I find it slightly more enjoyable to come here because of my job, not because it is my job, but I digress. The partying was quite delightful and incomparable by any other  standards, especially with the always fun, and sometimes comical Pink Toga Party, the dinners included in the stay blowing away any pre-conceptions you may have about hostel food, and the experience paramount. Anyway, I am sitting here on my balcony grasping the awesomeness that has been the last two days, and will be the coming weeks of returning here, the smell of Gyros, Souvlaki, and Greek love in the air. I can not imagine what my life would like had I never stepped foot onto this sanctuary, but I am pretty sure there would be a whole in my physical and spiritual soul that could not be filled by any other material being. Today, I went on a hike up to the top of this cylindrical rock that would not have been inappropriate or unbelievable to find Velociraptors prancing around up there. Result, some of the most unbelievable scenery I have witnessed. In other words, all I am saying is you have to go to Corfu, you have to go to the Pink Palace, and there is no question about it.


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