8 Swiss Hikes That Will Take You To New Heights

If there’s one thing Bus2alps knows it’s, well, the Alps. The fantastic mountain range that crowns the head of Central Europe is home to various scenic, stimulating climbs to take advantage of during a weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland. Below, find a roundup of eight of our favorite hikes that have you taking in the fresh air just before the views take your breath away.

Valley of Lauterbrunnen

Just a half hour train ride from Interlaken lies the Valley of 72 Waterfalls, one of the most remarkable sites in all of Switzerland. Once you arrive, you’ll have the chance to defy TLC and chase them, each more beautiful than the last. Get lost wandering the local trails, and find yourself surrounded by Insta-worthy portraits (you’re welcome).

Ridge Walk from Schynige to First

Located in the Berner Oberland, this is the perfect trail for those seeking some time in nature. Not only are the views spectacular, but sunflowers covering expansive rolling greens surrounded by a 360 backdrop of snow-capped mountains (even in the summer) make this path ideal for capturing the perfect panorama.

Northface Trail

Located in Murren, only a half an hour hike from Allmendhubel, the Northface Trail is an adventure for people itching for a little adventure. It may only be half an hour from Allmendhubel, but you’re gonna want to spend a lot more than half an hour here if you want to enjoy the trail to its fullest, so make sure you bring good hiking shoes!

Flower Trail

If you’re less passionate about hiking, head to the Flower Trail in Allmendhubel for a casual stroll through fields of flowers. Sitting right at the base of a giant, snow-peaked mountain, the park is a great place to rest and take in the incredible view that every corner of the Alps has to offer. Also worth mentioning that there’s a restaurant here, so this is definitely a pit stop you’ll want to hit on your mountain trek.

Piz Gloria

Speaking of restaurants, you can also hike up to to Piz Gloria to one of the filming locations of the 1969 Bond film: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, to the revolving Bond themed restaurant! If this is more your style for a bite to eat, then make sure to make the hike, bring your favorite tuxedo, and take in the view with a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, of course).

Take an Open-Air Train

Hands-down the best way to enjoy the beauty and variety of the Swiss countryside while your precious legs recover from all that hiking. These one-of-a-kind train cars are built with no roof and short barriers on the side, which are extremely liberating and relaxing. Perfect for sitting back, feeling a nice breeze in your face and breathing in the fresh alpine air.

Hike to the Aare River Like A Local

Want to feel like you’re part of the Swiss culture in Bern? Hike up the river and float back down to town. Grab some beers, some buddies, some life jackets and have yourself a day.

Eiger Trail

What’s so great about this trail is that you don’t have to be in great shape to climb this part of the Swiss Alps. For gorgeous cliffside views, cheat on your sneakers with a train up the Eiger mountain and get your photos the easy way.