7 Gadgets and Toys Perfect for Travel

By: Tyler Pultro

After packing the essentials for any trip from just a day long hike to a few months abroad, it is tough to figure out what else to bring for a memorable excursion. Get a load of the 7 latest gadgets and toys you’ll be dying to bring with you.

  1. ENO Double Nest Hammock

No matter where you are traveling, hanging up the shoes for a mid-day nap always sounds like an amazing way to recharge, especially if you are resting with one heck of a view. Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) makes countless designs for their Double Nest Hammock big enough to snuggle up with a travel buddy. It couldn’t be easier to set up and pack away again as the 100% nylon material allows you to stuff the entire hammock into a small sack the size of a softball. This hammock starts at $69.99.



  1. Hydroflask

Hydroflask is rapidly growing in the United States and with good reason. Their stainless steel, sweat-proof containers for saving the world from lukewarm drinks, are filling the backpacks of adventurers and travelers everywhere. They have thirteen sizes ranging from 12oz, perfect for the tea and coffee drinkers, 18oz thermoses for soup, and all the way up to a 64oz growler. It is pretty unbelievable to have ice water one day after filling up your bottle or keeping your hot drinks piping hot for six hours!

For any travels, always having water within reach is quite the luxury when taking to planes, trains and automobiles. As many Americans don’t realize, free water when eating out isn’t a norm in Europe. Your hydrating investment will pay off immediately!



  1. LifeStraw

Want to keep the packing light? Or maybe you’re in an area where using tap water isn’t as easy. Look no further than LifeStraw. This company has been revolutionizing the world’s effort to provide access to clean water for all with the LifeStraw Personal (€26.95) and LifeStraw Steel (€64.95). Both BPA free models filter 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa directly from the water source. The Personal model has the capacity to filter up to 1,000 liters of water clean, while the Steel model is made of stainless steel for those more active campers, hikers, and adventurers. Also, with each purchase one school child in a developing community will receive safe drinking water for an entire school year.



  1. Braven Portable Speakers (all models are bluetooth, waterproof, shockproof)

Braven has been erupted onto the speaker industry for its relentless proof that no other speaker can endure as many elements while providing a stellar sound quality. Here are three models for everyone’s price range and preferred size.

BRV – 1M ($99.99)

This more compact model is great for all music lovers looking for something to take up the least amount of space in their backpacker. An exclusive accessory, setting itself apart from the more expensive models, is its compatibility with GoPro mounting systems. With 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, it can also charge other devices like your iPhone with its USB port and 220mAh power bank.



BRV – Pro ($149.99)

This mid-size model resembles the 1M before stepping it up notch with its port for a solar panel charging accessory, battery pack, and a glow deck to light up your night. It also carries a far better charge lasting 30 hours of playtime.



BRV – X ($199.99)

Now for the big kahuna about the size of a 24 oz water bottle, with its outstanding capability for charging other devices on a 5200mAh power bank. It also has a switch for ‘Indoor’ or ‘Outdoor’ mode extending the range one can hear with a bigger bass. Lastly, this speaker can pair with another BRV – X to give the listener a left/right stereo experience turning any small party into a rager.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

For all those romantics not looking to give up their love of diving into a great novel while on the road, the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon gives you the lightest companion with an endless supply of books, magazines, and anything else you want to email yourself to store for a later read (perfect for important documents like a passport copy). At $199.99, this handheld reader is perfect for those that still can’t come to terms of abandoning their paperbacks. The Kindle Paperwhite 6” screen looks exactly like a page out of a book from home with its no screen glare texture and adjustable backlight for low lighting. It’s hard to even tell the difference between a page and the Paperwhite. Finally, the battery lasts for weeks in addition to its Wi-Fi capability for downloading new material.



  1. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

It is about time we get to all those photographers no matter if you’re an amateur to the most experienced. The Olloclip is perfect for all those looking to capture the perfect memory without needing to spend hundreds to thousands on a DSLR. This $80 hack lets you slide the Olloclip on the corner of your device enhancing the camera with a wide-angle lens, doubling its field of view, in addition to a fish eye lens and 2 macro lenses for impeccable portraits and detail shots. Who needs a camera bag when your phone can give you shots that are National Geographic worthy?



  1. GoPro HERO5 Session, Black & Karma Drone

GoPro revolutionized the travel, adventure and action camera industry creating a hobby and ease for shooting that all embraced. This fall GoPro announced the release of their latest and best line, breaking down barriers to capture the absolute best footage and views possible…even when taking to the air.

HERO5 Session & HERO5 Black

These upgrades are the two best GoPros to date and have set the tone for the revolution of all new GoPros born waterproof up to a depth of thirty-three feet (no more additional case purchases). Both have been forged with incredible features like advanced wind noise reduction, video stabilization, automatic upload to the cloud, and the most anticipated Voice Control system (move over Siri). While the HERO5 Session is set for a spring 2017 release at $249.99 and 10MP / 30 FPS quality, the HERO5 Black takes the crown with 12MP / 30 FPS and 1080P120 video at $449.99.

gopro www.technocino.it


The drone-a-sphere is finally open for all GoPro-ers and at an incredibly affordable price (relative to other drones) for the airborne video and photo shooting industry, $989.99. The incredibly compact and sleek design of KARMA, plus the compact carrying backpack, makes for an effortless excursion.

The KARMA grip is a separate accessory and easily attaches to the GoPro HERO5 Black after detaching it from KARMA. The detached mount then also provides all handheld footage with GoPro’s revolutionized smooth stabilization and remote control capabilities. Without the camera attached to the KARMA grip, one can even control the camera while in flight.



Next, the new GoPro Passenger app allows one to view and control the GoPro footage while in flight so that all can take in the joy of the aerial views. Fear of flying? Have none, because KARMA also has built in flight tutorials for all those breaking into the aerial videography game for the first time.
GoPro has without a doubt changed the game…once again.

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