5 things to do in Europe for under €5

By Colleen Murphy

Does your heart ache just a bit when thinking about the American dollar bill? Yes, the Euro is great with all of its pretty colors but that extra .33 American cents spent with every purchase is probably putting a hole in your pocket. Luckily there are things to do in Europe that you don’t need to spend a fortune on.

1.    Buy a cheap bottle of wine and watch the sun set. That’s it. It is about to start getting warmer and the cheapest pregame is sitting on the steps of Piazzale Michelangelo, sitting on Gianicolo hill in Roma, or relaxing Sacré-Cœur in Paris. Grab you €3 wine and your friends and watch the sky become basically a real-life piece of art.

2.    Get a massage on the beach in Barcelona. Barcelona is known for amazing nightlife, churros, and it’s beautiful cathedrals. Shockingly, what most people don’t know about the €5 massage you can receive while lounging in the sand next to the Mediterranean. It isn’t your normal deep-tissue massage but it gets the job done.

3.    Get that late night Kebab. Whether you are in Italy, Greece, or Spain, kebabs are plentiful, cheap, and open late. When you’re back home sitting in McDonalds at 3 am you will be wishing you were eating a €3 kebab instead of your usual cheeseburger.

4.    Get on a bus. The bus is a wonderful thing and a great way to take a cheap adventure. You just buy a €1 or €2 euro ticket and end up somewhere that you normally wouldn’t find on your normal walking route. Fiesole in Florence is a great bus adventure. For around two euro you can leave the city of Florence and head to the hills of Tuscany for an amazing view and peace and quiet.

5.    Drink 5 beers in Prague. Yes I said it. 5 Beers. If you are headed to Prague this semester (and you should be heading there) the beer is cheaper than water (just like the wine in Italy).  Although they use a different currency (the Czech koruna) you will end up spending around €1 for 1 beer.

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