5 Reasons Not to Miss the French Riviera

By Nikki Marsden

  1. Paris is not France


Sure Paris is the capital of France, but it isn’t synonymous with France. Destinations like Eze, Antibes and Nice will give you an entirely new perspective on France. One that will make it hard not to want to go back to over and over again.

2. Local food and markets


The French Riviera is known for its traditional French food, local seafood and open-air markets. It is almost impossible not to find these in every coastal city. You will certainly not be hungry during a weekend in the French Riviera.

3. Living like the rich and famous


Anyone who has studied abroad knows that you will end up exhausting every last penny to make it on that one last adventure, but your friends and family don’t need to know how broke you feel. When you post an Instagram in front of the largest port in all of Europe, or dressed to the nines outside of the Monte Carlo casino they’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot. Which, in a sense, you have.

4. There’s never a bad season to go


There is always something to do in the French Riviera. The Cote d’Azur is known for its sunshine and beaches, we would never miss the chance to perfect our tan at Sur La Plage in Antibes. But let’s not forget about the incredible views of the Riviera from Eze, the mountainous terrain, and year round carnivals and festivals.

5. Check off two countries on your travel bucket list


Did you know that Monaco is the second smallest county in the world? That’s right, it is a country, not a city! You’ll also have the chance to visit the plethora of cities that make up The Côte d’Azur like Nice, Antibes, Monte Carlo and Eze.

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