2010….The year that definitely was

As the first year of the new decade, the “oh-tens” or whatever some brainy wiz from pop culture would like to tab these years as is coming to its glorious conclusion, it is the time of year for that always-predictable reflection.

We love to tag each year with a unique label that we can forever remember just why that year was so unique. I can’t imagine a world without us reminding ourselves just why each year was so special, a world where a white Ford Broncos doesn’t make me think of my innocent youthful years of 1994, or hearing the word “poking” reminds me of how Mark Zuckerberg changed the world in 2004. For many, 2010 will be painted by their life-changing experience in Europe.

With that it is time to look in the shiny, reflective side-mirrors of Bus2alps 2010, where things are closer than they may appear, and rejoice at the all the memories we have made in Europe’s top destinations with some of the United States’ coolest people.

The year kicked off and ended with thousands of students from across Europe roaming the Alpine wonderland of Interlaken, Switzerland in search of beautiful scenery and powder. 2010 rolled through the adventure and thrills of Interlaken into Italy’s largest street festival, Venice Carnevale, followed by incredible spring break trips, including Greece (Athens, Corfu, and Aegina) and The Northern Loop (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris), culminating with Easter Weekend in Corfu, Greece, where over 200 students were unleashed on a wild time of toga parties, booze cruises, and Greek love.

As the sun shone, destinations like The Amalfi Coast, French Riviera, Croatia and Cinque Terre brought us to Europe’s most beautiful beach spots. Of course, we would be reminisced to not dedicate part of this memoir of this thrill-packed year to the largest party in the world, Munich’s Oktoberfest. This year Bus2alps made our mark on Munich’s cherished festival. With 600 plus people strong, Bus2alps showed the Germans that those of us from the States do know how to party!

Despite the post-Oktoberfest haze, we continued Bus2alps and our guests continued our wonderful 2010 blitz on Europe, making return splashes to the Northern Loop and Greece for Fall Break. Bus2alps takes over Europe culminated with an incredible, family-style Thanksgiving dinner and weekend in Interlaken, and one last foray into Interlaken’s snow-covered winter wonderland.

2010 was as special year that Bus2alps will always remember. In 2010, Bus2alps launched began a full schedule of departures from Barcelona, Prague, Paris, and London, in addition to many successful new trips including The Northern Loop Spring Break, Croatia, Cinque Terre, and Florence & Tuscany. Most of all, Bus2alps will always remember 2010 for the thousands of awesome guests whose lives we had the privilege to be a part of.

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