20 Best Instagram Captions To Use When You’re Traveling Through France

By: Daniella Rutigliano

Bonjour! You’ve made it to France and your adventure is just beginning. You’re visiting all these amazing places and taking all these incredible pictures, but you can’t think of a caption to go with your insta pic. Stress no more because we’ve got you covered with these 20 merveilleuse insta captions!

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20 best Instagram captions to use when you’re traveling through France.

1. Paris, I Louvre you

2. Eiffel for you from day one

3. Paint me like one of your french girls

4. Pardon my French

5. You had me at Bonjour

6. You had me at Merlot

7. Paris or paradise? It’s easy to mix them up.

8. Buy one, baguette one free.

9. I left my heart in London

10. You had me at Merlot

11. All you need is Louvre… and a passport

12. Je t’aime

13. You had me at macaroon

14. Eiffel in love

15. There was my Riviera love

16. Just another day in Monaco where every hour is happy

17. Sorry, Antibes is calling

18. Girls just wanna have sun

19. Leave me in Antibes

20. Tower moves only