10 Things To Remember Before Studying Abroad

By Nick Ranelle

Looking forward to coming abroad for an awesome semester? You’ll have the chance to have an experience of a lifetime. But before you pack your bags and get ready for the flight, here are some tips that might help you plan your time abroad a little better.

  1. Look into weekend excursions beforehand.  Get advice on cool destinations to visit from friends and family members that have already been abroad.  If you have specific destinations in mind, do your research ahead of time.
  2. Bring plenty of camera memory cards and batteries.  Your camera is basically going to become an extension of your hand because you are going to want to document every single second of your time in Europe.  Make sure that you have memory cards and batteries so you don’t miss out on that picture perfect moment.
  3. Buy adapters before you come abroad. Once you’re in Europe they can be hard to find or expensive, so it’s easier and more economical if you have them with you.
  4. Pack weather appropriate clothes.  Familiarize yourself with the climate that you are going into and what weather to expect.  If it’s summer, you are going to be a hot and sweaty mess, so it is best to pack light.  If it’s winter, you might want to consider those extra pair of socks.
  5. Buy your toiletries once you arrive to Europe.   Bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap will only take up unnecessary space and add weight to your suitcase.  This can be avoided by packing efficiently and purchasing these items upon arrival to Europe at your local grocery store.
  6. Bring a filtered water bottle.  You will find most European cities have public water fountains where you can conveniently refill your water bottle instead of dishing out extra euros every time you need to hydrate.
  7. Pack light. There are so many opportunities to shop while you are abroad for amazing new clothes and souvenirs that you are going to be happy that you left some room in your suitcase.  Plus, it’s better if you can avoid buying a second suitcase and paying extra fees when returning home.
  8. Speaking of extra fees…Bring a hand scale to weigh your suitcase before flying back home.
  9. Give your bank a heads up of your travels.  Let your bank know in advance that you will be abroad for an extended period of time and provide them with a list of countries that you anticipate on visiting.  Otherwise, you will run into awkward situations at ATMs and stores resulting in a line of annoyed foreigners behind you.
  10. Enjoy every second you are abroad! Always make the best of every situation you’re thrown into.  Be fully immersed in a new and fun culture. It will be the best time of your life and you’ll be creating memories that last forever.

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