10 life lessons you learn while studying abroad



By Allie Filmanowicz

1. How to laugh off the stressful times

image01Sure, you will miss your plane because you stayed out too late in Barcelona, or your bus will break down, but at the end of the day, you’re in Europe and it’s all part of making memories.

2. Home can be anywhere you want it to be

Your small apartment in Florence (or Rome, or Barcelona, etc.) will always feel like home to you, as it should.

3. Always say yes to one more weekend trip, one more bite of pizza, and one more adventure

image00If studying abroad didn’t prove that you will never regret being a little tired in the morning, or a little behind on that paper if the adventure you took was worth it, then you didn’t really study abroad.

4. The world is full of good people who are willing to help you for nothing in return. 

Think of the man in Prague who helped you in broken English find the right train, the bathroom attendant who let you in when you didn’t have the 50 cents, or the old Italian woman who talked to you as you sipped espresso at a cafe. All wonderful people you are better off for knowing.

5. You are extremely blessed

image04But it’s true and not just in the #blessed way, but truly. Most people don’t get to see half the places you have seen during your semester abroad in their lifetime.

6. How to navigate any city in the world

Data or no data, you have explored cities you have never been to all around Europe flawlessly — or not so flawlessly — but you did it. If you can handle finding your hostel in London in the middle of the night with no cell service, anywhere else you have to navigate will be a breeze.

7. If you get offered a free meal, take it

Ballin’ on a budget isn’t easy. If you ever hear someone say free bagels, sprint towards them.

8. You don’t need to constantly be on your phone

image03Sometimes it is better to look away from the device connected to your hand. You might just experience the whole world and actually get to know the people you are with — what a concept!

9. Spending time alone is good for the soul

Whether you decided to travel alone for the weekend, or just spent the afternoon walking around your favorite city doing some soul searching, everyone can agree a little time alone is good for figuring out who you are and who you want to be.

10. Live life to the fullest

image02It’s cliche but you know it’s true: taking the risk and getting on that plane to live in a different country for the semester is courageous and proves you can do anything you set your mind to!

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