10 Beautiful Instagram Photo Ops Along the Amalfi Coast

So you’re studying abroad and you want to document every little experience? We totally get it. If you want an instagram feed that rivals that of your favorite travel blogger, see below for where to grab those iconic shots, and maybe even a few hidden gems to stand out from that Amalfi influencer crowd.

1. Positano Beach – Spiaggia Grande

How else would we kick off our list than with the famous Spiaggia Grande in Positano? You can take a picture with the colorful houses behind you from the beach, from in the water, on the iconic chaise lounges with orange umbrellas. It was hard to pick the perfect photo to capture the instagram essence of the black sand beaches, but we love this photo of some study abroad bros getting into the Italian spirit!

2. Capri’s Famous Faraglioni Rocks

From our private tour around the Island of Capri, snap a photo of the famous Faraglioni rocks.

Photograph of someone taking an iphone photo of the Faraglioni Rocks in Capri on the Amalfi Coast

3. Inside the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto isn’t always available to go into if there is inclement weather, so if you’ve got the opportunity, make sure you hop aboard a row boat in order to grab a shot. The cave glows blue as the light reflects through the water. Stunning, to say the least.

Image of the inside of the blue grotto. The water is a crystal clear blue and it looks as though light is shining up front under, illuminating the entire cave in turquoise hues. Three boats full of passengers paddle through the grotto.
instagram: @capri_it

4. On Top of Anacapri – Monte Solaro

View of the ocean from the top of Anacapri. You can see boats in the bright blue water. In the midground of the photo, you'll find a rocky landscape, studded with shrubbery. In the foreground, pink wild flowers bloom into the frame

5. Cheers with your Granitas!

Grab your best girls and take a boomerang as you cheers with your granitas, or grab a solo shot with the coastline behind you. You can’t go wrong with one of these classic drinks in your hand!

young brunette woman wearing sunglasses and a sundress with a lemon print holds a granita drink. She stands in front of Capri with the houses and rock formation behind her.

6. On our Boat Cruise to Positano!

It might not be yacht week, but it’s close.

6 young ladies lay on blue chaise lounges on a boat cruise

7. Capri Town – La Piazzetta

image of La Piazzetta in Capri. The piazza is full of dining locals and tourists, sitting in wicker chairs around small tables. It is dusk and the sky is pink. The lights around the piazza illuminate the clock and the buildings
instagram: @italianalluretravel

8. Anywhere in Sorrento Old Town

a young woman wearing a black dress poses in front of a staircase in Sorrento, surrounded by palms and pink flowers.
instagram: @buseuzunsoy

9. From The Phoenician Steps

a young woman peers over the view from the Phoenician Steps. She wears jean shorts and a loose white tank top. The water is bright blue and boats can be seen coming in and out of Marina Grande on a sunny day.
instagram: @xo_dannii

10. Looking Out From La Sponda

This restaurant in Positano is particularly instagrammable, especially for a green, white, or natural aesthetic. Plus, it’s a score for foodies!

image of the view of Positano from a restaurant. The focus of the image is a beautiful window, framed by plants growing up and around the curved window. In front of the window is a lovely little table with two chairs and a light green table cloth. Through the window, one can see the famous dome of Positano and the sea just beyond.
instagram: @katlinthompson

BONUS: From the Rooftop of your Bus2alps Accommodation (hidden gem alert!)

This is the spectacular view from the rooftop of Seven hostel in Sorrento. Even if you stay in another accommodation with us, the views from up high can’t be beat.

Rooftop with three outdoor couches with white pillows and potted plants.
instagram: @sevenhostel7

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